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Atlant Double-Bass Transportation Case

Atlant Double-Bass Transportation Case

World’s Lightest, which results in easy handling and reduced transportation costs.


Extra Strength resulted from years of scientific research, experiments with various materials and material combinations used in aerospace industry, as well as multiple lab tests on material stretching, compression, layer shifting, and impact resistance.


Adjustability. Double-basses vary in sizes and, unlike other cases available on the market, Atlant will fit any instrument without compromising its safety.


    Each Atlant case comes with warranty, which will cover repair costs and, in some instances, replacement. Please contact us for details.


    Every Atlant Case is sold with a 1-year insurance package, insured by HWI Global Insurance Brokers. Buyer reserves the right to extend insurance upon the expiration of the 12-months period. As a bonus, we also offer exclusive instrument/bow low-rate packages, designed by HWI Global Insurance Brokers exclusively for our customers. Please contact us to receive a customized insurance quote for your instrument and/or bow.

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