Our cases do not exceed the maximum measurements allowed by the airlines, and are adjustable to fit the instruments of all sizes. Below are the pictures of various instruments, along with their measurements for your reference:  

French Bass. Body: 110cm. Total: 186cm

Thomas Martin Standard Bass.

Body: 114cm. Total: 186cm

Large 5-String French Bass.

Body: 113cm. Total: 194cm

Bohemian Bass. Body: 110cm. Total: 188.5cm

Jacquet Bass. Body: 114.5cm. Total: 196cm

Old Italian. Body: 105cm. Total: 184cm

French with extension. Body: 110cm. Total: 187cm

French 5-String. Body: 113cm. Total: 194cm

Old Italian-2. Body: 114cm. Total: 186cm

All measurements are given with endpin button, but without endpin.

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