Back in 2000, Igor Eliseev – then a double-bass student at the St. Petersburg Conservatory – got tired of carrying a heavy and awkward bass chair with him around the city. That’s why he decided to make a chair that meets all his needs: light-weight, collapsible, compact, durable, and good-looking.

That first chair took a long time to make and the process even resulted in a light injury, but the end result was so impressive that, although he never planned to sell chairs, Igor unexpectedly got a lot of orders from his colleagues, and has been selling his chairs ever since.

In the meantime, Igor had become an established musician:  currently the solo-bass with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Igor has performed extensively as a soloist and ensemble member at world’s best concert halls like Berlin Philharmonic Hall and the Carnegie Hall in New York. Over the last decade, he won several international competitions, organized numerous events, developed networks in the global double-bass community, and earned a reputation of one of the best double-bass players in the world. 

By 2016, Igor’s touring schedule got a lot busier, and included many long-distance flights – and this meant constant concerns about the safety of his double-bass. Igor, now the proud owner of ca. 1670 Paolo Grancino bass, found himself gambling and worrying every time he checked in his instrument at the airport. And, in spite of purchasing the best product available on the market, Igor was not satisfied with the results: the heavy cases did not only cost a lot to transport, but it also weren’t completely safe – so repairs were necessary after almost every trip. And that’s how the EliseevCases business was born: Igor has launched a 2 year-long scientific process of inventing, researching, lab work and testing. The final product exceeded all expectations: it did not only weigh less than the market’s lightest case, it also proved to be the most durable case in the world. Also, the special fiberglass material formula developed during the research and testing process, is now being used to make the ultra-light double-bass chairs.

And it doesn’t stop there, as right now we are developing a new line of products that will improve

the musicians’ everyday lives. 

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