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World’s Lightest, which results in easy handling and reduced transportation costs.

Extra Strength resulted from years of scientific research, experiments with various materials and material combinations used in aerospace industry, as well as multiple lab tests on material stretching, compression, layer shifting, and impact resistance.

Adjustability. Double-basses vary in sizes and, unlike other cases available on the market, Atlant will fit any instrument without compromising its safety. 

Atlant Ultra-Light Model:

  • 16 kg

  • 7 locks

  • 5 handles

  • 2 bow cases (soft)

  • 1 wheel base (2 wheels)

  • Tie-down mechanism

Atlant Deluxe Model:

  • 17 kg

  • 7 locks

  • 6 handles

  • 2 bow cases (soft)

  • Impact-absorbing floating suspension system

  • 2 wheel bases (4 wheels)

  • High-end finishes and paint

  • Tie-down mechanism

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