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By using the latest and most advanced technology, we create the world’s safest,

lightest, and most durable equipment for the music industry. Our products feature a unique combination of superb Norwegian quality and affordable prices. 





We strive to become the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative music equipment that ensures the musicians’ and their instruments’ comfort and safety at home, in rehearsals, at concerts, and on the road. Long-term, we also envision ourselves as key players in the safety logistical solutions for the global arts industry. 







With no pushbacks, we will embed Innovation in our company’s DNA and make it the cornerstone of the company’s philosophy. Based on our commitment to using the latest technology, we will constantly innovate ourselves and our product, thus getting ahead of the competition and creating the best product available on the market – all at affordable price. 


The undisputable quality of our product is another commitment we take very seriously. No product will be released without scrutinized research, development, and testing. And we’ll take it one step further by testing our product on ourselves, our employees, and our own musical instruments. And, only after we are 100% sure we can rely on this product ourselves, we’ll release the product to our customers. 


Constant improvement to our product, based on customers’ feedback, staff’s professional development, and keeping abreast of latest technologies, will be the driving force behind our product development and customer satisfaction. 

Customer Care:

By investing in customer care, exceptional warranty service, as well as customer feedback analysis and response, we’ll create a loyal client base – a global community of like-minded individuals that embrace our values and widen our networks because of the product and service we provide. 

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